"Renaissance and now scientific thought use these Systems and/or Sub Systems concepts extensively and thoroughly in their pursuit of knowledge, but this usage has been entirely implicitly and/or explicitly in the recognition of these systems concepts and terms. The renaissance movement owed their success to this recognition, but now Science is doomed to another terminal series as expressed per their own utilized explicit without implicit axioms. Objective, reproducible, and developable or reducible behavior is not sufficient to guarantee a viable knowledge paradigm. Zim Olson's Systems Math again opens the doors for utilization of all these systems concepts as explicit terms. Renaissance thinking is again viable.

Abraham Lincoln's famous quote from the Bible during the Civil War "A House divided cannot stand". I assume he was referring to four walls and a roof. Some of us may consider another definition. "Smart" guys in history have used system and/or sub system concepts implicitly / explicitly but mainly to suit their own view or interests. Take for example Church + State, vs. Church or State. Zim Math Church and/or State may provide a principal and/or Pseudo and/or Open Domain measure of rationale.

The source to all answer/questions are principal expression. The source to ALL problems are pseudo/partial expressions"
Zim Olson Introduction Video. Text of Audio is Below. 
4:48 AM 12/20/2015

"This is Zim Olson of Zim Mathematics. Zim Mathematics is my version of Creative Mathematics. I work out of Denver, Colorado USA and all my work is currently available for download from zimmathematics.com with permission posted online to download, copy and share this content of plus 30 years of my authorship. With my creative methodologies, of cartoons, Math Stories, games, Math Art, poetry etc., I have developed a mathematically dominant paradigm I term as the Systems and/or Sub Systems as expressed paradigm for all object and/or objects. Zim Math explains clearly, contemporary and scientific paradigms and their tenets, logic, and concepts better than these disciplines ever will be able explain on their own. I explore also Express-ability or Express-ability Outlines with principal and/or partial and/or open domain expression, or expressions of expressions. I have been working with some success on a Mathematical Non-expression and its importance to Mathematical development.

I feel any given statement, perception, expression or non-logical expression can somehow be shown to be true. With available principal expression of open domain and open domain outlines this is clearly feasible. Truth as a portion of an object or objects expression or non-expression outline is given. Mathematical principal expression in series within open domain express-ability, is documented. This enables important behavioral viability, for non-parametized events.

So called contemporary Math and Scientific paradigms that give lawful and reproducible behavior based on analysis and observation are shown as an insufficient basis to produce develop able and / or reducible behavior paradigms within objects and their identified expression domains. As is documented throughout history, but ignored by Earthly paradigms, our knowledge of knowledge is shown as systemically lacking information. This has given us origins to our partial system expression or partial system series expression and the recognized kingdom of knowledge with mis-information, mis-truths, false vs. truth paradigms including any so called terminal event or series. The selection/omission intelligence methodologies commonly used and recognized in our education systems are also shown to be, not useful in producing principal tenets to any knowledge paradigms.

The explicit use of Systems and/or Sub Systems concepts, and expression / non-expression outlines in Zim Mathematics re-opens the doors to a Renaissance of knowledge and Humanity behavioral development. Systems with Art Methodologies enable a visualized, viable and axiomatic knowledge/math paradigm. Assignment of system(s) express-able values to Humanities recognized behavioral options gives a new Principal 'Horizon' intelligence capabilities"

Zim Olson's Existential Synopsis
Systems and/or Sub Systems as Expressed
A Mathematically Dominant Paradigm
Systems and/or Sub Systems as Dominant Mathematical Paradigm. Four Behavioral Components for any Existential System / Object: Every object has a functional context, Every(x); a System and no Sub System functionality Any(x) or f(x); A Non stated functionality, Non(x); and a resultant intersecting functionality, Some(x).
Zim Mathematics describes every object as possessing these behavioral components, including operations, numeric, unknown objects, qualitative or physical object and/or object(s). And that every of these object(s) can be expressed as a System and/or Sub System with varying existential results. Physical, qualitative, time attributes, illness and death are simply a partial system expression.
Pseudo numeric expressions of life object or object(s) or Non-Life object or object(s) may give derivative sources to illness and life system(s) death phenomena. Cures or healing may become readily apparent as the terms or basis for this non-health phenomena or selection / omission categories are revealed.
Origin of System Components and Expression Dynamic:
f(1) + - / × => f(0) + - / × => f(1+0) + - / × => f(1,0)= + - / ×
Giving this next tenet for any object expressed as a complete System or expressed Sub System.
g(1) + - / × = g(0) + - / × = g(1+0) + - / × = g(1,0)= + - / ×
Unknown operations as complete Systems are said to be also applicable with these numerical values. These expressions are develop-able and reducible within identifiable principal and/or pseudo and/or open domains giving viable knowledge.
A derivation source for Principal System tenets, completely expressed or non-expressed is below, giving Knowledge Source:
Every(__)Any(__)Some(__)Non(__) ___ = ___
Every(__)Any(__)Some(__)Non(__) ___ = ___, ___.
Every(__)Any(__)Some(__)Non(__) ___ = ___, ___, . . . ___.
Pseudo Systems or “Named” Expression Outline and Construct Source. Pseudo Expression Trees as with Earthly Creation, give selection/omission categories of intelligence processes.
Every(__)Any(__)Some(__)Non(__) ___ = ___.
Every(__)Any(__)Some(__)Non(__) ___, ___. = ___.
Every(__)Any(__)Some(__)Non(__) ___, ___, . . . ___ = ___.
Outline of Expression Variations or Operational Expression Variations

 This gives the following available Pseudo Objects and/or Principal Expression Object(s):
 X, Y, Xx, Yy, Xy, Yx, X0, 0x, X(1+0), X(1,0), XN, X . . . X, A . . . Z, X . . . Y, Xx . . . Xy, X1 . . . X0, X0 . . . Y1, X0 . . . X0, X0 , , , Y0, X(1+0) , , , Y(1+0), X(1,0) . . . Y(1,0), XN . . . Y(1+0), etc !
Expression combinations of these Pseudo and/or Principal outlines represent sources to all contemporary (and otherwise) paradigms of knowledge. Expression combinations of principal numeric objects, 1,0,1+0, 1 and/or 0, as systems reveal expression domain sources that explain contemporary physical expression domains such as for Beginnings, Endings, Series, Terminal Series, Infinite Series, Events, Non-Events, True/False, Success/Failure, Luck/Bad Luck, .... Time, Space, Time/Space Relativity, Gravity, better than the physical sciences have described themselves .. Expression of object and /or objects as some form of exhaustive parameterization construct or "A-Z", could give recognizable and identifiable variations of "E=MC2" expressions.
Pseudo numeric expressions of life object or object(s) or Non-Life object or object(s) may give derivative sources to illness and life system(s) death phenomena. Cures or healing may become readily apparent as the terms or basis for this non-health phenomena are revealed.  If you are a die hard statistician and probability theorist there are always principal and/or pseudo numeric expressions one and/or zero with variable pseudo and /or principal open domains or expression domain outlines.
These expressions of course also give our sources to system(s) Logic and corresponding functionalities .
Every(X)Any(X)Some(X)Non(X)Every(W)Any(X)Some(Y)NonZ)(__) = (__, __, ... __) 
Every(X)Any(X)Some(X)Non(X)Every(W)Any(X)Some(Y)NonZ)(__) = (__, __)
Every(X)Any(X)Some(X)Non(X) Every(W)Any(X)Some(Y)NonZ)(__) = (__)
Every(X)Any(X)Some(X)Non(X) Every(W)Any(X)Some(Y)NonZ)(__, __, ... __) = (__)
Every(X)Any(X)Some(X)Non(X) Every(W)Any(X)Some(Y)NonZ)(__, __) = (__)
Every(X)Any(X)Some(X)Non(X) Every(W)Any(X)Some(Y)NonZ)(__) = (__)

Sources to Additional Principal Logic / Tenets
Expressed 1; 0; 1+0; 1 and/or 0; in various combinations of object or object(s) and as giving various combinations of object or object(s): And these Exhaustive but variable construct(s) expressions of object(s) and/or object that give outcomes of like/combined attribute(s), could give sources to additional principal system logic/tenets & reducible/develop-able principal open domains.
I imagine there will ALWAYS be more explaining to do for a System(s) and/or Sub System(s) as Expressed Paradigm. And in case not noted by reader, this is considered within "open domain(s)". Otherwise I consider this paradigm is fairly well set in "Stone" or at least Zim Mathematics "html". "Open Domain Development" is a future topic of interest for Zim Olson & Zim Mathematics. The recognized domain of Human Intelligence, Expressions of Expressions .... of Expressions, has made Earthly Mathematics of this domain seem untenable. However we do have available recognized Express-ability options such as Expressions of Expressions ....of Expression of Pseudo and/or Principal and/or open Domain(s). 

The Question , The Answer, or ....

Our Source to Viable Knowledge
Principal and/or Principal Open Domains and our available Express-ability. Giving Develop able and/or Reducible Behavior Paradigms for all identified object or object(s) and their expression(s) domains. A principal expression of principal numeric one(s) will always give a True Expression, but it will not give Truth. Outline below gives Truth as expressed.  Or an outcome that is both develop able and reducible to any principal/pseudo domain(s).

This slide I added to by putting the "Zim Math" Orange at bottom and the "All Things Considered" opposite and the backwards ZMO signature with colored one and zero and red comma.. I think this captured nicely my approach to mathematics by putting a zim math knowledge tree at bottom instead of top, perhaps the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil" would begin at the top, with a Mathematical relationship as given by a principal open domain outline where "all things considered" is again as stated at the bottom of outline. AND with the backwards signature I indicate authorship with this paradigm as a principal "image" that is recognized mathematically. The colored numeric s indicate Earthly principal/pseudo origins with available principal and/or expression indicated with red comma.
Thought for the day: There are Five (5) Principal Primary numbers that I am aware of 1, 0, 1 and 0, 1 or 0, 1 and/or 0. Possible corresponding principal / partial primary numbers are 1,3,5,7,11. Any body able to think of possible Numeric applications? I am still thinking on this myself.
Zim Olson and Zim Mathematics
Creative Math and Art.
New Math Foundations and Logic

Denver Colorado USA

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