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Zim Math Google Cloud Content completely re-uploaded as of  June 27, 2017. 
All my presentations, Web site content, art, flyers, greeting cards, t-shirt designs, poems, stories, expression/formula etc. also all in readable AND downloadable formats, are available at these links to my  Google Cloud.  MOSTLY this content is compatible with Updated PCs and Windows environments.
  • Zim Olson's Google Cloud - Complete Zim Math Content - 85 gb - Google Cloud has limits on access, check back in 24 hours if this link is inactive at moment.
Zim Math Computer-TV DVD Intro in DVD Image files (.nrg) or Blu Ray Images are available for download to burn to a DVD or Blu Ray on you own computer.   DVD labels, and DVD Case Cover .jpg image files are also in this folder.

DVD Images Folder on Google CloudUploaded -   7/21/2017
Blu Ray Disc Images of  25 gb Folder on Google Cloud -  Uploaded  as of 7/21/2017

The above material is updated by myself, daily, weekly, etc.

Seven Sheets of Zim Math Business Cards for Download and Printing on your 
Computer in PDF

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