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Like I told a guy at the Bus stop yesterday, " We all have answers, but are always forgetting the question" and " Everybody is right, because everybody is also wrong", so then what are you supposed to do? and "Jesus has the Answer/Question". See you all at Sunday Service.... .

Zacharia asked me after Ruth's Bible study today, "How is your church doing?". I told my wife, Susan, and Zacharia, "You can run, but you cannot hide. You cannot hide behind, Science, Education, Government, Finances, Religion". So come out from under your rock and come to church.

All those flies could be right and actually know a way, and truth giving eternal life and Salvation! But I don't know how either? NASA may not always be the Babylonian Nimrods of modern era and actually someday determine a Principal outcome/destination. Science may give up conjuring true statements and actually realize Truth from the True Vine. Maybe Humanity will stop using Beelzebub as their dictionary source and utilize the Father, Son and Holy ghost for their understanding. Tarzan should not be the only one concerned about finding the "True Vine”! … Sunday Service(s) every Sunday. Jesus said "You can tell a tree by its fruit”

At the bus stop for the #21, there is an advertisement promoting a recognized faith stating " We are all from the same vine and all the fruit and leaves of this" . Last night I realized this is a very well recognized and also very true statement. All Earth and all on Earth are G-d's creation and we are all some image(s) of this creation of G-d. And we are all destined for the same proverbial toilet as some of G-d's recognized creation has ended up in. Our Savior is outlined in the New Testament of the Bible, giving an alternative and outline to eternal life in heaven as principal / pseudo express-able object(s) within a principal and principal open domain. It will not be possible to climb back up the Creation vine as Created partial images to meet our Creator as in some principal, express-able or Heavenly domain. You would probably just find some old Orangutan waiting for Jesus to come back. Hopefully he is willing to share his oranges with you until Jesus returns.

While waiting for the #40 bus I spotted one of the ads on the bus which was obviously government sponsored and they were using mathematical terms to support their point. My immediate reaction was that the government should be banned from using mathematical terms as well as religious terms. If for no other reason than their evidenced chronic misuse of these concepts and terms. And also because they have shown to be never able to stay within their touted governmental pseudo/state domains. Thus violating the well known separation of the church and state by using principal and/or partial and/or open domains implicitly and explicitly to justify their rationales, laws and other initiatives.

Mathematics making quick work of "Conservative/Liberal" Debate

I am a registered "Unaffiliated" voter. Reasons of mine are that although Republicans in general acknowledge Truth and it's applicability with logic and math, their Math is more often than not in error. While the Democrats aware of these errors subsequently fail to acknowledge an existence of Truth (Just another word in dictionary) and it's applicable Math and Logic.  However if either parties were asked the infamous question (Biblical as well) "What is Truth?". Neither party would be able to offer a better response than the Biblical, Pontius Pilate, 2000 years ago...  Zim Olson
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