Zim Olson and Zim Math Recent Exhibits in Review
Zim Olson and Zim Mathematics was at the Joint Math Meeting in Atlanta Georgia, January 4-7, 2017.  I find I have given about 690 Zim Math Intro DVD (2) sets to individual Mathematicians, Math Students, Professors, teachers and other individuals with Math backgrounds and interests at my exhibit at the Joint Math Meeting.  I also gave 300 Data DVDs of select Zim Math content to these individuals and about 70 Single DVDs of my Zim Math Introductions. I also individually handed out  18 copies of  recently updated and produced Blu Ray version of my introductions. I estimate I talked to about 730 of these individuals at my exhibit at the JMM 2017 during this event. The reports from the Joint Math Meeting organizers are that 6,082  had registered for this event as of January 7, 2017.  I had time to explain my work to a number of individuals visiting my exhibit. I would say for example, "Zim Mathematics is my version of Creative Math. I am Zim. I address Math foundations and logic and other paradigm foundations and logic utilizing Creative Math and Art methodologies.  I do this with success documenting this approach as an Axiomatic Methodology for developing viable knowledge, by pointing out how Mathematics and other paradigms utilize System concepts and terms thoroughly in the development of foundations, logic and viable knowledge, but I also show this is applied entirely implicitly.  With my Creative Math and Art I am able to document these foundations with the concepts made available in explicit terms making the contemporary foundations and new foundations and viable knowledge readily visualized and available."  I then would talk of my T-Shirt Math Art designs on my display table in terms of the available  System concepts, in explicit terms.  I always concluded these talks with my "Zim Math Updates and other content were available online at zimmathematics.com, and permission is given and posted online for downloading, and copying and sharing my content." Here are photos of my table and of the participating Hotels in Atlanta, GA.  During the meeting I was focused on the work of my exhibit during my stay, but I realize now the extraordinary architecture of these hotels, the Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt where the JMM was located.  I don't remember ever seeing such magnificent architecture particularly in hotels before in my life. The only complaints I have head about the JMM meetings is that there is so much good stuff going on that it is impossible to experience it all before the 4 day meeting is over.

The US mail-able T-Shirts have been put in US mail on January 6, 2017.  There were 111 raffle ticket entries. Twelve of the entries that requested DVD updates, I have  put in the US First Class Mail today, January 23, 2017 (Here is PDF of the Letter). Thanks to all for your interest!
MAA Centennial "Math Fest" Aug 5-8, 2015 in Washington DC - Zim Math Exhibit
The Centennial MAA "Math Fest" is now over. Over 2,500 were registered at the conference, a "Math Fest" record. ......  At the end of this conference this year I find I have talked to approximately 680 Mathematicians, Students one at a time as they came to my Zim Mathematics exhibit , giving out 450 DVD cases (450 TV/DVDs Zim Math Introductions, and 130 Data DVD-R's of Select Zim Math content), The balance of visitors to my booth were given Business Cards, Literature, or my Permission letters. The T-Shirt Raffle winners have been selected and mailed the Zim Math Art T-Shirts. One hundred and fifty two entered the raffle and twenty eight also selected to be on Zim Olson's DVD mailing update list.... My web site appears to have successfully switched to a "Responsive" site which is suitable for all devices. I did final adjustments on my web site during a good part of the night of August 7, 2015 before final day of the Math Fest Exhibits.    I told the lady at the National Science Foundation booth nearby that I was telling visitors at my booth that Science would soon be resembling Zim Mathematics.

I am mailing out the updated Zim Math Intro Computer-TV DVDs tomorrow Aug 17, 2015 to the 29 visitors to my exhibit who checked the box for that on the Math Art FREE T-shirt raffle ticket.  

...February 7, 2016 I mailed out updated intro DVDs to the same 29 visitors and select people who also may be interested. 

I was at the Rocky Mountain Section of MAA meeting, April 17-18, 2015 Colorado College , Colorado Springs , Colorado at the Tutt Science Bldg.  I talked to individually about 100 Mathematicians and students, and handed out 135 of my Zim Math Intro TV/DVDs ( The DVD Image file can be downloaded copied and shared from the following Google Cloud link Here ) and 80 Sets of my Math Data DVDs. Not so many registered as predicted (200), and last minute weather prevented some from getting to Co Springs. I talked to each of these Mathematicians and Students at various lengths about my work before giving them the DVDs. I guess I mentioned to all of them my posted Letter of permissions for downloading, copying and sharing my math content.

Joint Math Meeting in Baltimore MD - January 2014
1-19-2014  I want to thank the American Mathematical Society (AMS), and the Mathematics Association of America (MAA) for the opportunity to exhibit agian this year at annual JMM 2014 in Baltimore MD, January 15-18, 2014.    I estimate I talked to 1,000 to 1,100 JMM  attendees.   Distributing 800 DVDs or sets of DVDs and  handing out flyers and business cards.  As I told these attendees at my exhibit table this year,  Zim Mathematics, with my system(s) approach  of Creative Math, Art, Math,  and other paradigms, I believe I have developed new basis for Math and general knowledge theory.   This includes systems concepts and expression outlines I document in my web site and material provided at my exhibit.   The utility of my work is readily apparent after not very much review. Source to contemporary Pseudo knowledge paradigms, Principal knowledge paradigms, and Principal and/or Pseudo knowledge paradigms are readily identifiable and recognizable. All contemporary knowledge paradigms can be seen to fall within my Systems concepts and their expression outlines. Contemporary paradigms can be seen as simply an expression portion of my systems outlines and where other possible additional knowledge can be readily visualized.
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