Expressing one's self in Principal and/or Partial and/or Open Domain concepts and terms seldom fails to provide useful and "additional" information.

I hope to show our Systems Logic stems from availability of express-able object(s) now recognized as 1, 0, 1+0, 1 or 0, 1 and/or 0. And all said logics or systems of equality / non-equality stem from the develop-ability/reducibility made available from these express-able principal object(s). Additional principal object(s) may be derivable from expression(s) / non-express-ability outlines as object(s) given in this slide presentation.
Provides some Great Math insight to Domain/Open Domain Development , viable and not so viable.

Zim Olson and Zim Mathematics
Creative Math and Art.
New Math Foundations and Logic

Denver Colorado USA

Copyright 2017
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