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Updated - January 22, 2017

1. A System(s) of Have(s) and/or Have(s) Not
2. Birth or Birth of a Human could be said when Every, Any, Some, and None components of a System come together. 
3. Change and Conservation of Information, a form of reproduction Constant? 
4. What can you not do to win a war?
5. Can a Principle System fail, what would be the nature of that failure? How does this differ from a 'failure' of a Sub System?
6. In what circumstance is there no or Zero Reason?
7. What is the closest existential value to zero. Quantitative and Qualitative value.
8. What would a System of Change consist of?
9. What is the functional context of Human Illness? Assuming as I do that all existential objects can be modeled as systems and have a functional context as well. This may help in the treatment of Human Illnesses.
10. Sequences of Nothing?
11. What is a unit of Generality? Or "A" unit General?
12. Is there such a thing as a sequence of System Components?
13. Selection / Omission of Operations and Selection / Omission of System Behavioral Components make up Zim Math and Possible Applications.
14. Light Behavior within a System , Sub System Paradigm
15. To see if you are really thinking outside the box, identify what is in the box.
16. "Medical Treatment as a System" and then identify the system components for existential options. Using Quantitative and/or Numeric Object constructs.
17. Principal Solutions vs. Principal Problems. Are there only principal soulutions and not principal problems?
18. Mathematical senses within a System and/ or Sub System paradigm.
19. Academic Grading with Alpha A through E constructs expressed by System constructs, complete or partial.
20. Is there such a thing as Principal System Luck? Or praying for "Luck"?
21. Answer + Problem = X

22. Is there such thing as a left or right Universe. In other words is there any other available spatial reference valid outside the Human Condition? 
23. When in an Economic System does Time not involve money? What does this mean about Economic Systems? 
24. Thought for the day "The domain of cause and effect is the domain of Satan, or our source to System(s) and omission of information.
25. Here is my latest in form of an Einsteinian Thought experiment: As has been attempted throughout known History, portions of the contemporary Earth population have attempted to improve their lot by eliminating sources of Stupidity or other so called identified non-functional items/events. Kind of like in Evolution and Evolution Theory. According to Zim Math, this would only produce alternative and perceived sources of Stupidity and Non Functional sources, that would somehow mysteriously appear. A perfect example of a Non-Theory which is it has no basis in anything at all.

I think this philosophical approach stems from the notion that every lawful outcome stems from some Ten Commandments form and variation in expression or expression(s). When it is shown that ALL principal outcomes stem from a Principal and/or Principal Open Domain Expression(s).
26. What do You know about 'Grammar"? You know. Like in the English Language ... I thought everything was just a derivative of Math, or Principal and/or Partial and/or Open Domain Expression, or Expression of Expressions of object(s) … . Isn't it? I think it is !!!
27. Expression(s) of "Sanity" are Expressions of "One", which give develop-able/reducible information to other identifiable domains. A totally unsurprising and not new statement. However this fact should not be omitted from Mathematical, Existential, Economical, physical, biological, governing, artistic, spiritual expressions and their paradigms. Zim Math provides possible options to achieve this recognized truth.
28. Problema(s): If you know Everything, you know Nothing. Whether you know it or not. AND this is true in more ways than one.
          Every(X) = Any(_) = Some(_) = Non(X)
This must be reason why there are NO know it all creatures on Earth.
29. Regarding "Choice", and how a better selection (And not omission) of our Non-Functional components should be made or somehow it will be made for you/us . And it may not be what you or us was thinking about, As it will manifest itself regardless.
30. The only identifiable and verifiable object(s) of "general ability and/or intelligence" appear to be owned by Satan... Or in other words this does not exist.
31. 01/22/2017 - All this protest about Everything made me think, that Einstein and Newton had it wrong also. If there was no universal law of Stupidity, there would be no gravity and/or energy. It may be considered the oil that lubricates the engine or maybe more correctly is the actual engine of our intelligence.... This is probably the reason I am so smart as well.
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