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Here is letter I sent to US President, Donald Trump.

In 2017 Blu Ray Disc Sets  distributed to Division of Mathematics - National Science Foundation, US Colorado Senator - Corey Gardner, Math Association of America, American Math Society, Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Light of the Nations Foursquare Church, University of Michigan Math Department, Oakland University Math Department, US Secretary of Defense, CHARG Resource Center, Stanford University Math Department, Harvard University Math Department, Rosedale Presbyterian Church of Livonia Michigan,  Gift Accounting at John Dodge House of Oakland University in Rochester Michigan, Colorado Access Healthcare, and my father Gordon Olson.

9:16 AM 12/11/2017 - Recent List of Math Departments 
Sent Emails of Zim Math Intro's in PDF

1. Purdue University. 2. MIT. 3. Denver University. 4. U of Colorado, Boulder. 5. University of Northern Colorado, Greeley CO. 6. Colorado State University, Ft. Collins CO. 7. University of California, Berkeley. 8. Texas A&M. 9. Phoenix University. 10. Red Rocks Community College. 11. Metro State University. 12. Toronto University

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