Mathematical Domain Development

  Open Domain Development, 
Giving Express-ability.

and Giving Mathematical Methodology with principal, partial, open domain object(s) as Math Art object and/or object(s).

Express-ability - Beliefs - Available Knowledge,  Open Domain Development, 
and a Non-Logic Exercise.

“Systematic/Non-Systematic application of principal and/or pseudo and/or open domain object(s) as combinations of expression(s) and/or non-expression(s) in various forms of object/object(s) can give us additional express-ability within principal and open domains. This availability gives us open domain development and the Principal Horizon intelligence capability.”

In the true spirit of Mathematics and Zim Mathematics I took on this exercise of Non-logic where I attempt to disprove or show my basic work to be Non-Logical. As a result of this exercise I provided material for new Mathematics and Logic, documenting again how Zim Mathematics and Mathematics is indeed not a philosophy, knowledge or knowledge paradigm.
"Added" Mathematical Insight

Additional insights given by Zim Math System(s) and Expression/Non-Expression outlines and pardigms
As far as origins, or origins to expression, expression(s), non-expression(s) all I have thought of to date is the availability or accessibility of principal object(s) can determine any origins or beginnings and subsequent History. See diagram below . Creative and available methodologies may enable additional principal object(s)
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