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In order to address the numerous contemporary political dialogues which have failed to come to terms with System(s) concepts, I have started this Zim Math section. And as is editorial policy of Zim and Zim Math I expect to provide additional mathematics with this work.


Mathematics making quick work of "Conservative/Liberal" Debate

I am a registered "Unaffiliated" voter. Reasons of mine are that although Republicans in general acknowledge Truth and it's applicability with logic and math, their Math is more often than not in error. While the Democrats aware of these errors subsequently fail to acknowledge an existence of Truth (Just another word in dictionary) and it's applicable Math and Logic. However if either parties were asked the infamous question (Biblical as well) "What is Truth?". Neither party would be able to offer a better response than the Biblical, Pontius Pilate, 2000 years ago... Zim Olson

Policy and System(s) of Equality Methodologies. 
"Systems of Equality are not develop-able and/or reducible to anything at all“, ZMO. Ask Einstein if you want to. Just don't ask a pseudo politician, because they will not care about this. With utilized knowledge systems of "Selection and Omission" methodologies our political friends have some how managed to omit the man-infestations of the “Non-Functional" component of the System(s) of Equality methodology. This is bound to leave us with yet another undesirable outcome in US Government(s) Policies. I personally am not excited about using the System(s) of Equality method for derivations of policy anymore! I am sure our friends in politics have yet another answer (without the question) for our pseudo expressed friend(s).


Zim's futuristic Vision of institutions of Learning 

It is Zim's futuristic Vision, no one will spend immense fortunes of time, money and energy with these learning institutions that invest heavily in established pseudo learning-domains involving pseudo political express-ability, that give us only limited, terminal express-ability outcomes.

Consensus or agreement is not express-able within pseudo or partial express-ability domains. Principal and Principal open domain express-ability makes available consensus or agreement of identified object(s).


As documented in Bible, Truth and Love are recognized as inseparable
As documented in Bible, Truth and Love are recognized as inseparable components to viable understanding and behavior. So without Truth there is no love. And without Love there is no Truth either. Selection / Omission Knowledge systems utilized by politicians have no utility.
The "Truth will set you FREE" does not apply to many politicians apparently, for a more important reason. They must be working on more important issues.


Some may consider Mathematics the only paradigm, so much that it does not make sense to disagree with anyone, simply because Mathematics is the only paradigm.  Life on Earth somehow finds it necessary to utilize "Mathematics" in "Intelligent" behavior. Any source and/or origin(s) may not be derivable without such available utilization.  Any develop-ability and/or reducibility of behavior, expression(s), and so called intelligent express-ability, may not be available without access to this utility.  Express-ability however enables and incorporates non-express-ability with express-ability. This enables terminal series, events, truth vs. false paradigms, and the Earthly recognized system of behavior Earthly non-function. This is also apparent in contemporary political agendas.


“Choice” is a measure of express-ability within principal and principal open domains for any object and/or object(s).  Disagreement / Agreement on such political concepts, statements, platforms or stuff is of little value.

Pseudo Political / Religion vs. Mathematics. Equality and / or In-Equality express-able in Math vs. Pseudo Political / Religion Equality or Inequality

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