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MAA Rocky Mountain Section Meeting
 University of Northern Colorado
 Greeley, April 13-14, 2018

I have been a member since 1997. I would like to once again have a Zim Mathematics display at the Greeley CO 2018 Section Meeting.  My proposed display will look as in photos below. I would again provide Six (6) Math Art T-Shirts for door prizes which may be given, as in prior meetings, at the Banquet (Which I will attend) and any last meeting closing ceremonies. I will bring 100 DVDs of my Zim  Math Intro and 30 Blu Rays of a more complete Zim Math Intro. I will also bring 20 25 GB Data Blu Rays of select Zim Math Content.  I will also make available paper copies of my general letter of permission for downloading, copying, sharing my content from , the letter is posted on line also. I will make available ample supply of business cards and other literature (In PDF Here). All material to be made available to meeting participants for FREE. Organizers will be given a complete set of above.


The Six (6) T-Shirt Designs for next MAA Rocky Mtn Section Meeting Door Prizes and Photos of Proposed Display Table and Close View.   (Click Images for full view, TShirt Designs Selected and T-Shirts Printed)

Below is image of Next Banner Design

Zim Olson and Zim Mathematics
Creative Math and Art.
New Math Foundations and Logic

Denver Colorado USA

Copyright 2018
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